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  1. Hip Flexion:

    By standing straight, extend one arm out to the side and keep hold of a strong surface like chair, table or wall for support. Gradually lift up the right knee to the hip level or to the level of comfort while maintaining the left leg straight. Cling to this pose for a second before putting the left foot on the floor.

    Hip flexion

  2. Hip Extension: Move the leg in backward direction while maintaining the knee straight. Clench your buttock firmly and maintain it for five seconds. Try not to bend in forward direction. Cling to some hard surface for support.  Hip Extension
  3. Hip Abduction:

    Stretch out the left arm to the side and cling to the something solid like wall, table or chair. Beginnings with feet together, raise the right leg to the right side. Try to keep the left leg straight and avoid rotation of hips. Cling to this pose for 5 seconds and afterwards gradually return the leg to the initial position.

     Hip Abduction

  4. Knee Lift:

    Extend the legs flat by lying on the back along the floor. Pull the right knee upwards in the direction of chest by keeping straight left leg. Put the hands on knee top for helping it to pull towards the chest. Hold it for 10 seconds. After that lower the leg smoothly back on the floor.

    Knee Lift

  5. External hip rotation:

    Sit on the floor with the legs out in front. Bend the legs at knees and press the feet soles together. Put a hand on knee top and slowly push them downwards in the direction of floor. Put some pressure to knees until there is a stretch and don’t push them further.

    External hip rotation

  6. Mini squat:

    Stand upright with feet shoulder width apart. If required, for support, cling to wall, table or chair. Slowly lower the body by bending the knees and keeping the back straight until knees are above toes. The feet must be flat on ground. Keep this position for few seconds and afterwards straighten the legs for returning to initial position.

    Mini squat

  7. Quadriceps exercise:

    Lie on the back flat by keeping the legs straight all through the exercise. Push the knees back in the direction of floor and flex the feet by pulling out toes towards body. Keep it in this position for 5 seconds.

    Quadriceps exercise

  8. Bridging:

    Bend both legs at knee and put the feet flat on the floor by lying on the back. Maintain the arms by the sides of body and palms confronting in downward direction. Place a small pillow below the head and neck if needed. Gradually lift the pelvis and lower back in upward direction. Make sure that shoulders and upper body are on the floor. Maintain this pose for 5 seconds. Steadily lower the back and pelvis in the direction of floor, beginning at the spine top. Roll down through spine till the back is flat.


  9. Hip and lower back stretch:

    Bend the knees and bring them towards the body by lying on the back till the feet are flat on floor. By utilizing the hands, pull the knees in the direction of chest. After taking deep breathe, pull the knees closer to shoulder with every exhalation. Go as far as it is comfortable and maintain this pose for 20-30 seconds.

    Hip and lower back stretch

  10. Double hip rotation:

    By lying flat on the back, bend the knees and start bringing them towards the body till feet are flat on the floor. Afterwards, pivot the knees in the left, bringing them in the direction of floor. Spin the head in right by keep the shoulders against the floor. Keep this pose for 20-30 seconds. After that, return the knees and head to the initial position.



Finding a trustworthy orthopedic is not an easy task. You have to select the best for you treatment in order to get quick recovery. The wrong selection of the orthopedic specialist might lead to serious health problems. While selecting the best orthopedic specialist, following qualities must be taken care of:

  1.  Bedside Manner: It is the most important quality most of the people take it very important when they select an orthopedic doctor. Bedside way is the manner in which a doctor communicates with a patient. Sometimes, there are doctors who are perfect in medical knowledge but lacks in bedside manner. As a patient, you will share close (and on occasion notwithstanding humiliating!) data with your orthopedic specialist. Accordingly, discovering somebody who makes you feel good and calm during arrangements, methodology, and medicines ought to be your top need.
  2. Communication Skills: To the normal individual, medicinal phrasing and language can get confusing. So to keep away from this type of confusion, you should look for an orthopedic specialist who has very good communication skills. Apart from this, he should also has the ability to explain in simple language. Finding a specialist with remarkable listening abilities who sets aside the effort to address your inquiries and concerns is additionally important.
  3. Flexibility: An orthopedic specialist must dedicate his life to his job and should not have problems with long working hours. Surgeries often run for very long time. There may be late into the night or it may be on the weekends. So it is very important to find the specialist who has flexibility to take into account such type of schedule.
  4. Willingness: An orthopedic specialist will show a specific level of humility and keep on educating themselves on advancements in surgery and medicine. All things considered, the medicinal field is continually developing and another specialist will perceive this and attempt their absolute best to keep up. Specialists that won’t advance and profess to know everything are bad for the success of their team.
  5. Support Patient Decisions: Your orthopedic specialist should behave as your partner when providing you with treatment suggestions. He or she must respect your feelings, thoughts and understand your opinions.
  6. Courage: It’s an obvious fact that being a specialist is an exceedingly stressful job. Specialists will be required to make very tough calls in circumstances of high pressure. Any great specialist will have the courage to settle on troublesome decisions and stand by them. Specialists shouldn’t be reluctant to handle complex orthopedic surgeries when a patient is at high danger of losing a limb or even death.

       When you find a specialist that possesses these qualities, and then you’ll know that you are in good hands.

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