Hip Replacement

What is Hip Replacement?

A surgical procedure in which the hip joint gets replaced by the prosthetic implant is called as hip replacement. There are two types of hip replacement surgeries: Semi hip replacement and total hip replacement. We offer both types of hip replacement surgery.

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The severity of the pain totally depends upon the cause of the problem. There are some common symptoms for hip pain:

  • Stiffness in joints when you wake up.
  • Stiffness after long sitting.
  • Swelling, pain or tenderness in the joint.
  • Crunching like sound when bones rub against each other.
Cause 1


Osteoarthritis is the breakdown of the cartilage issue due to injury and inflammation. This breakdown cause swelling, deformity and pain in the joint.

Cause 2


Avascular necrosis is also known as osteonecrosis, ischemic bone necrosis, and aseptic necrosis. The main cause of Avascular necrosis is insufficient blood in the body. A bone is living tissue which require proper blood circulation. An interruption in the blood supply can cause bone to die which eventually leads to bone collapse.

Cause 3


A hip fracture is when the thigh(upper quarter of the femur) gets broken due to some external force or injury. Usually, it requires long bed rest and medical course. The surgery is only recommended when the bones and soft tissues are affected badly. The level of fracture also help in deciding the surgery type.

Cause 4


The ball at the upper end of the thigh bone (femur) fits firmly into the socket for the normal hip. The hip dysplasia (dislocation) in babies and children cause improper joint formation. The ball is set loose in the socket and may be easy to dislocate. You can always contact us for Hip replacement surgery.

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